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Welcome to my personal website. I'm a computer geek, working in Silicon Valley. My wife and I live in Half Moon Bay. My non-work list of likes include traveling with Anjali, watching movies, riding my bicycle along the coast, generating noise with my guitars, driving my Jeep and listening to punk music. On the dislikes list: eggplant, Ferris wheels and aerial tramways.


I joined DreamWorks Animation's network operations group in 2007, just outside Los Angeles. After a couple of years, they sent me to Bangalore, India, to work within the systems engineering group during the build of a new animation studio. I returned to Glendale a little over one year later, but eventually made my way up to the San Francisco Bay Area, working out of an office in Redwood City.

My name appears in the credits of some favorites from DreamWorks Animation: Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and their sequels. I did not contribute to the creativity which goes into the movies, but I often had to get creative with networks and systems to help artists complete the films.

Before DreamWorks, I worked for MobiTV. A startup in Emeryville, their technology allowed people to watch live television on their mobile phones. I moved from Texas to the East Bay in early 2006, leaving a network engineering job with a bank and my own software development and application service provider company, Aloe Software Group.

Travel and Culture

I had not left North America until 2008, when I moved to India for one year, for work. After catching the travel bug, I have explored quite a bit of India: twelve states so far. In addition, I have visited China, Egypt, England, France, Italy and South Africa. Where to next?

I find different cultures and languages fascinating. When I visit a place, of course I hit the tourist spots. However, I then seek out more local settings, to get a true feel for how people live and to learn the characteristics of the area. I try to learn a bit of the local language and have fun interacting with people. Keep a eye out for me, I might visit where you live next.

Music and Movies

I enjoy listening to just about all types of music, but I like late 70s and early 80s punk rock most. People ask me if I play guitar, but I consider it "trying" to play guitar. But, I have fun making noise.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved movies. Some of my favorites include most of Kubrick's films, early comedies with Chevy Chase or Bill Murray and truly scary flicks.

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